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How To Double DJ With Sam Broadcaster 2 and Skype

Simple quick and explained tutorial in HD. DOWNLOAD VAC FROM HERE Install then restart your computer. Then continue to on to Open VAC control panel, type in 4 as the amount of cables and set. Then Go To Step 1. Step 1 Open Audio Repeater: Open Audio repeater 3 times. YES 3 TIMES. Step 2 Enter this in the repeaters as in the video!: audio repeater 1, wave in = your microphone wave out = line 1 audio repeater 2, wave in = line 2 wave out = your headset or your speakers audio repeater 3. wave in = line 2 wave out = line 1 Step 3 Open up skype and do this: Set the speakers in audio settings to line 2 and tick automatically adjust speaker settings, then save. Step 4 SAM BC 2: Open SAM Broadcaster 2 and go into your voice fx config. Make it RECORD TO PIPELINE. And set the soundcard device to line 1. NOTE: You don’t have to be in a call to hear just you. Also play songs like you normally would. Best to be in call before encoding.Change your skype back to your original speakers after the session. Change SAM Back to your mic after session! -=[Tutorial By clarkkent190!]=- Copyright © 2010

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